An Introduction to Private Practice

Question markPerhaps you have recently made a decision to enter private practice. Or you may already be working in this area and be interested in developing and expanding it – or, at this stage, you’re simply interested in learning more about what is involved in this area of counselling before you make a decision.

So what is involved in developing a private practice, and how can you ensure that you achieve your aims? Is it really for you, and how do your visualise the reality in a few years time?

Do you see yourself working full-time with a flourishing and varied business, or do you see private practice as a small, part-time source of work, perhaps something that will fit around family life, or offer a little extra income to supplement the financial needs of the household?

I’d like to encourage you to believe that either vision is possible. My aim in writing this series of posts is to help you focus on the most important considerations, as well as drawing your attention to factors that you may have not yet taken into account.  I’ll attempt to discuss with you the many and varied opportunities within private therapy work that will allow you to develop your practice, and I hope that the advice I’ll give you’ll be relevant to your personal ambitions, whatever they are.

I’d also like to highlight at this stage the fact that working to a high professional standard with adequate legal and security provisions in place will be just as important to a part-time counsellor seeing only occasional clients at home, as it will for the counsellor who takes business premises and works 14 hours a day to develop a full-time, flourishing career.

This post is part of the free E-Course “How to Develop Your Therapy Practice”. Each lesson only covers the bare essentials of what you need to learn and should not form your only source of information. 

For the complete detailed guide which takes you through each step of setting up and building a successful Therapy Practice, click here.

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