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Understanding Trauma and Stress

Pressure is seen as healthy and something which will motivate an individual. Some people love to work and live in a pressurised way with lots of deadlines and activities. What distinguishes pressure from stress is that we experience pressure when we have the personal resources we need to deal with the demands being made of

Learn How To Use Your Anger

Anger is one of those emotions that is much misunderstood.  There is nothing wrong with feeling angry as anger is one of the key driving forces behind change. How many times have you heard about a new law being passed due to the efforts of a group of people who felt anger over some kind

Counsellors are not immune from Stress!

As a counselling supervisor I see one of my responsibilities as helping supervisees consider the amount and type of counselling work they undertake, the range of activities they are involved in, the hours they work and the impact of any personal difficulties on the work with clients.  Considering the context in which the counsellor works

Recognising stress

The word stress has become part of our everyday language.  We talk about having a stressful week – when what we mean is we were really busy and are feeling a little tired.  We talk about how stressful the children have been – when we mean they have been naturally boisterous and we are felling

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