The “Rescue Remedy” for Anxiety

IStock_000013332733XSmallHere’s Part 2 of the No More Anxiety posts:

The “Rescue Remedy” breathing exercise 

So many relaxation exercises rely on you being able to take time out, lie down or, in some way, take you away from what you are doing.  This simple breathing exercise is one that you can do anywhere, even while holding a conversation and no one knows you are doing it!  It helps to take the edge of your difficult feelings, reduces the negative effects of adrenalin and helps you maintain your calm.
All you need to do is breathe in through your nose for a count of 4 and then breathe out through your mouth for a count of 5 and, as you breathe out, relax your shoulders.

When we are anxious we breathe shallowly.  Shallow breathing means your body gets less oxygen and many people are tempted to compensate by breathing faster.   You do need to remember that there is no point in trying out this exercise once and then waiting till you need it before using it again as your feelings at the time will get in the way.  Practise your breathing exercises throughout the day, get comfortable with them and you will find you incorporate them in your daily life – this is good stress management as much as anything else.

Use your imagination

Some people respond more readily to using their imagination and prefer to use what are called visualisation techniques. A number of studies have shown that visualising situations can lower blood pressure.

This is a good exercise to undertake on your way to or from work. It can take two minutes or half an hour depending on how much time you have – just remember to get off at your stop!

Imagine you are in a walled garden at the time of the year you like the most – spend some time looking at the flowers, shrubs, trees and so on.You notice an old fashioned wooden door with a wrought iron handle in one of the garden walls and you make your way over and open the door. You then find yourself in your own, very special safe place, a place that no one knows about.  It can be anywhere and you can choose to be on your own or have anyone you want with you. Enjoy being there. And then make your way back to the door when you are ready to leave.  Shut the door firmly behind you in the knowledge that your special place is always there, whenever you choose to return there. Walk around the garden and, when you are ready, open your eyes.

Anchor yourself

‘Anchoring’ simply means associating positive, calming, confident feelings to an object you carry with you on a daily basis. Many people choose a piece of jewellery they wear regularly.  However, if you don’t wear jewellery you could choose a finger or the back of your hand.  In moments of strong negative emotions you touch your chosen object focusing on the feelings you have linked to it.

Choose an object and close your eyes and remember an activity, person or a memory that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Rub the ring as you think about your happy thought. Continue to do this for about five minutes. Wait for a few minutes and then repeat the process. Anchoring your positive feelings by merely touching that object should bring about a state of well-being.  Like all the other exercises you need to practice so that you condition yourself into a relaxed response.

You may find this book helpful: No More Anxiety: Be Your Own Anxiety Coach

Next time: Facing your fears

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