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Dealing with Stress through Relaxation

Relaxation can also play an important part in dealing with stress.  Simple ways in which you can find time for yourself are: Take time to enjoy a bath, light some candles, sprinkle a few drops of lavender aromatherapy oil into the water and play some gentle music while you take time for yourself Dim the

How to Help Yourself Manage Stress

Don’t just wait for things to improve. Help yourself by remembering that you can always take some action which will minimise, even if only by a small amount, the stress you are experiencing.  Come to your own aid by: A – anticipating stressful activities and planning for them I – identifying the major sources of

The Stress Cocktail

The stress hormones Adrenaline, Noradrenaline and Cortisol are released into the blood stream together with fatty acids and sugars. This cocktail of substances helps people perform acts of extreme physical strength. For example, jumping over a seven foot wall to escape an attacker, lifting a car to free a child, being able to fight off

Understanding Trauma and Stress

Pressure is seen as healthy and something which will motivate an individual. Some people love to work and live in a pressurised way with lots of deadlines and activities. What distinguishes pressure from stress is that we experience pressure when we have the personal resources we need to deal with the demands being made of

A Model For Understanding Intimacy

Fear of rejection is a common reason for avoiding intimacy. The following model allows the counsellor to talk through a variety of relationship aspects with the client – an approach that can help the client to view a relationship as rather like a journey. The counsellor encourages the client to explore various Key Factors associated

Challenge Your Angry Thinking Style

People whose lives are ruled by too many shoulds and musts about how life should be or how other people should behave tend to get angry more easily than those who take the position that no one is perfect. When faced with someone who has made a mistake for the first time, do you: (a)

Learn How To Use Your Anger

Anger is one of those emotions that is much misunderstood.  There is nothing wrong with feeling angry as anger is one of the key driving forces behind change. How many times have you heard about a new law being passed due to the efforts of a group of people who felt anger over some kind

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