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Personal Development and Presentation

There is a further area of personal development that is vital to the success of your private practice. This really is simply, your own persona.  The development of warmth, empathy, genuineness, patience intelligent interest and a desire to truly understand your client and his difficulties will stand you in as good, if not better, stead

Continuous Professional Development

This is now a “given” for anyone belonging to any professional body. Firstly, do ensure that you complete the number of development hours required by the professional body you belong to, to ensure that your accreditations and registrations stay up to date. More importantly, however, if you wish to develop as a therapist, you’ll need

Professional Memberships

Do ensure that you keep up your membership(s) to professional bodies.  Not only will this give your clients confidence in you (and may result in a larger number of clients – some will wish to know such things before committing their time and money to you), but they will keep you in touch with up-to-date

Fee Levels and Fee Payment

You may wonder as a new practitioner, what level of fees to charge? The BACP publish an annual Counselling and Psychotherapy Resources Directory and you can request a copy for your area (as well as nationally, if you wish).  The therapists listed will normally quote their fees or fee scales, and this will give you

Becoming Self-Employed

I’ll assume that you understand the principles of self-employment, that you have registered with HM Inspector of Taxes as self-employed (in the UK), have set up a DDR to pay your National Insurance contributions, and will be submitting an Income Tax Return by either the 30th September each year (if you want the Inland Revenue

Financial Considerations

The spectre of fluctuating finances, and your ability to stay afloat through possible lean periods, needs serious consideration. It may well be that, in order to develop your business slowly and solidly, you’ll continue to generate other, more regular income from either salaried counselling work or another part-time job. Unless you have sufficient funds to

Developing a Client Base

Once you have decided on your location, have negotiated your office space, and are comfortable with regard to security, you’ll need to market your services. One of the first principles of private practice is to relinquish the idea that therapy is all you’ll be required to do.  In fact, certainly in its infancy, therapy will

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